sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

Como Escrever

Once upon a time, when I was quiet imaginative child and had no friends I used to follow this simple rule to avoid boring ours: always to carry a book along. It could be any book, with which I was ready to happily go to any social event without the fear of being boring, talk or have to dance with anyone.

Nevertheless, there were times when I forgot my book, and that did put all my farewell state in jeopardy. The solution came years later when I realized that once that you have nothing to read, well, writing something according to your mood might be a fare fun boredom killer. Then a voice in my head tough me to…

Find adventure and landscapes inside your head. Then combine everything with brave passion and strength into your heart. And if you don’t have any, well, tell the world the story about how did you managed to get it. The greatest stories around is about people reaching out for some place or stuff. Why not to go on and on about the many roads and oceans that you crossed to find yourself a little bit of brave passion and strength.

That’s why I started to like writing: to always have something interesting to read with me. Or at least something to read.